The MANA village has been designed to let each guest experience privacy and nature at its best. Ten completely independent lodges, surrounded by 36 hectares of untouched nature and naturally integrated into a magical landscape. A stunning view of the valley that you can admire from every corner. A bio pool where no chemicals are used. A get together area where you can enjoy home-made breakfasts and try some local drinks, made from genuine ingredients growing in the Mana vegetable garden as well as from traditional local trees like the medronho.


Experience the feeling of swimming in our “Billabong”: a bio pool completely free of chemicals where no devices that disinfect or sterilise water are used and where the water is kept sparkling clean by circulating it through a living ecosystem of water plants. A self-sufficient system in harmony with nature. constructed out of non-polluting, 100% recyclable materials. The plants that live in the “filtration zone” purify the water taking the nutrition from the pool enchanting our senses all around the year. 


Relax on the deck of our “come together” area, a common space designed to let you relax in company, experience local products and interact with the MANA staff. The perfect spot where you can enjoy a glass of home-made “medronho” prepared with fruit from MANA’s own land, or a healthy home-made breakfast prepared with seasonal and fresh ingredients, grown mostly in the MANA vegetable garden.


Our 36 hectares of private land is what makes MANA ecolodges a place to stay, experience and feel. Explore the natural environment walking along our paths overlooking the stunning valley that set the Algarve and Alentejo apart. Pick your fruits and vegetables directly from our vegetable garden. Learn about local vegetation and wildlife and listen to the true silence and total tranquility from our Yoga deck overlooking the valley.


MANA is designed to have low impact on its surroundings and be in harmony with nature, without compromising on style and comfort. The MANA lodges have been built without interfering with the natural morphology of the land. Their Bio-Climatic Architecture allows minimal impact on the environment due to efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy and development space, prioritising the ecosystem at large and protecting the environment and natural resources.