Passion for Training

Here at MANA we love to share our passion for sports. We encourage everyone to go out there and enjoy a nice run on our land or have a nice boxing session in the morning.  We have set up multiple fitness stations on our 36ha of private land for you to make sure you can train in peace.


We give our guests the possibility to train in total privacy with free acess to our fitness stations located around the land. 

Balance trainING

Our fitness stations are equipped with balance boards. The passion for surf and training combined, let us to become big fan of these training devices. It allows you to learn in a fun way how to balance more natural, while at the same time working out. Also ideal for yoga sessions.


Book your personal trainer session and experience a new level of fitness . The sessions can be done around the Mana land or at the beach. Sunset beach sessions are highly recommended!

Other Activities