Dolphin safari in the Algarve

The Algarve has a variety of wonderful marine life. Dolphins are among common visitors on this part of the Atlantic Coast. There might be also a chance you come across orcas, sharks or sea turtles. And if you are really lucky you might spot a whale but this is more of a rare occasion. There are plenty of dolphin safaris running from the South of the Algarve with an average cost between €25 and €45 and takes between 1 and 3 hours. Children usually pay a lower price. The closest to our hotel is in Lagos (46 km). Sighting rate overall is above 90%.

Best time to see dolphins in Portugal

Most of the dolphin safaris operate from March until November. The best time however to see large schools of dolphins is from June to September. We are happy to plan your Dolphin Safari or organise group trips. 

Common dolphins in the Algarve

Bottlenose dolphin

The bottlenose is bigger than the average dolphin species, it can grow up to 4 mtrs and live to about 50 years. They like to stay around 2 mtrs below the surface but if necessary can dive several hundreds meters down.

Striped dolphin

Easy to recognise by it light blue color, the striped dolphin is most likely travelling in a big pod up to a 100. They grow up to 2.5 mtrs and weight up to a maximum of 170kg.

Common dolphin

Roughly the same size as the striped dolphin but weigh less. You can recognise the common dolphin by its pale- yellowish patch on its side. They live up to 40years in large schools and are very energetic acrobats, so they most likely give you a great show.

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