Diving in the Algarve

With over 200km of shoreline, the Algarve is the perfect diving location. Underground caves, deep cliffs and sunken world war II ships make this region the ideal playground for divers. This part of Portugal has over 300 days of sun to give you that underwater natural light you want while exploring.

What is the best time to go scuba diving in the Algarve?

Of course summer is the best time of the year due to various reasons such as calm and warm water. However due to the amount of tourists, prices of scuba diving courses tend to be a higher and it can be a bit crowded.
Winter means less people but there is a reason to it. The sea can be rough this time of the year and visibility is way less. Winter is ideal on calm days as prices are cheaper and less people around but this is.
Autumn and Spring are by far the best periods of the year to go diving in the Algarve. The ocean is calmer, the water temperature is great and prices are fair. Crowds seems to be smaller however the popularity for Portugal is growing year by year.

Best diving spots in the Algarve


With the famous Benagil caves in the back you set out to Ocean Revival Park. This park has 4 wrecks so you are in for a treat.


Lagos is well known for its steep cliffs and rocky formations that create underground caves worth exploring while diving. These reefs attract dozens of fishes and other sea creatures.


The connection between the west and the south where places such as ilhas do Martinhal and shadows canyon will leave you in awe.


Famous for its long history of diving schools and beautiful clear water. Albufeira is considered one of the best diving spots in the Algarve.


It’s a small barge of unknown origin, probably belonging to the old quarry of Ponta de Almádena, sunk due to bad weather. Amazing spot for great photos. The wreck is home of many species as spirograph, gorgonians, scorpion fish, several species of gobies, cuttlefish, octopus and nudibranchs.

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