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The best beaches to visit in the Western Algarve in 2020

Praia de Odeceixe Mar

By Jens Heijkoop. Praia de Odeceixe – Mar   An absolute winner for nature lovers like myself. Also known as the first beach of the Algarve, Odeceixe beach is really something special. The river Seixe is in constant battle over water and land with the Atlantic Ocean so the beach will transform in all shapes and […]

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The Cork Tree

a harvested cork tree

By Jens Heijkoop. So much more then a wine bottle stopper MANA is set on the border with the Alentejo. A region very well known for its cork production. Therefore while wondering off on our land you will come across loads of cork trees each with different numbers on it representing the year it was harvest. […]

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The Strawberry Tree

By Jens Heijkoop. How to use strawberry fruits in various ways Our land is covered with the so called strawberry trees (arbutus unedo). This small tree has a large volume of berries, better known to the Portuguese as ‘Medronhos‘. This fruit contains a high amount of sugar and antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, niacin, […]

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The Bio Pool

Woman relaxing on her back in pool

By Jens Heijkoop. Why natural pools are better than traditional pools First of all, what is a bio pool? A biological swimming pool is an ecological system identical to what is found in fresh water sources in Nature containing plants and organisms of various kinds, all of which have a role to play. So swimming in […]

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The Meaning of MANA

an aboriginal painting about mana

By Jens Heijkoop. The meaning of mana mana ˈmɑːnə/noun  MANA, in Austronesian languages, means “power”, “effectiveness”, and “prestige”. In most cases, this power is understood to be supernatural. The word MANA has several meanings in different parts in the world however the first time I came across the word was during my travels in North Australia. […]

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